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Green Power is Australia’s online gardening supplies store focus on providing natural and organic products to serious gardeners and passionate hobbyist. 

I was engaged to built the branding and e-commerce website for the company. When rolling out the launch campaign, our team utilised a combination of social media, SEO and newsletters to expand the reach among the target market. Our client managed to secure drastic improvement in both sales and customer engagement since the site launch


My Role
Design Lead

Project Management
Agile Scrum Methodology

Figma, Sketch, UX Design, Adobe Suite



Bridging the gap

I was delighted to find out that the owners has a wealth of insights with their target audience so it was only a matter of consolidating the findings to form a user persona and map out the customer journey. It expands the empathy on a broader level so I have a true understanding of their experience and has been meaningful in the company’s customer experience improvement strategies. 


To have a winning strategy, understanding the users and business needs at early stage is crucial. How do we win the hearts of the customers who visits the store to visit the online store. How can we create a trusty and supportive environment for them online? 

I proceeded with creating the wireframes in Figma to explore the experience in more detail on a screen-by-screen level. The main focus was the experience flow for the target users.

Logo Exploration

The owners wanted their brand to be classy yet fun. I had 3 sketches and they decided on the following. 
The mascot symbolises a tribes man true to his culture and mother nature. A reflection of what the company represents and advocating the use of natural and organic materials. The colours yellow and gold symbolises the wealth of mother nature that has plenty to offer for those who embrace it. Green naturally represents mother nature herself. 

before and after

High Fidelity 

With the colour scheme being set I went ahead and  build the high fidelity experience in Figma. The prototype was build mobile up first base on the draft wireframe. Fitting in all the required elements with the users in mind.  Building Desktop and tablet views comes naturally.


Through utilising visual factor and optimising the content speed, users were able to visually scan through the site with ease. With the assurance factor of having business information on the website and multiple payment methods, users feels more trusted. Hence they are willing to engage and spent more time on the website, which resulted in online revenue by 182% YOY.