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The Requirement

Now Fashion provided first hand fashion news through live updates of fashion shows worldwide. I was engaged to design the logo and built both the brand and website for the company. When rolling out the launch campaign, our team utilised a combination of eCommerce tools, social media, SEO and newsletters to expand the reach among the target market. Our client managed to secure drastic improvement in both sales and customer engagement since the site launch.

 UX/UI Designer


User Testing, Survey, UX Pin, Sketch,  Adobe Suite

Wireframe (password protected)




NowFashion Before and After

Gathering Insights

There are several ways to gather insights and these were the following I had approach for the initial discovery:
  1. Customer Journey – Step in the shoes of our customers and going through the process to understand what customers are experiencing.
  2. Survey – Using online survey to gather current customers’ opinion of the website. 

My research encompassed:
  • Understanding the user goals and needs
  • Uncovering website pain points with the existing user journey
  • Determining the success of the tasks measured


One of the challenges faced was to build tools which can be utilised to browse the large collection of articles which were constantly being updated, effectively and efficiently. Due to budget constraints by the client, we only worked with the client’s insights, which was very valuable.

Based on the insights that I have gathered from online survey with current users and client’s insights, the following key points were streamlined:

  • Users were more visually inclined 
  • Users trade B2B through the website so identification of the images were very important
  • Browsing had to be seamless as users were very time poor
Iterations of Browsing Tools

Development Stage

Once the prototypes were validated by our client, I worked closely with my development team to get the design up on staging environment. As a team we worked cohesively on the designs as per high fidelity prototype including pixel perfect and functionality. I worked on the front end development as well using sass framework and HTML 5.

If time permits, I would conduct user testing sessions to validate the designs. Several iterations would have to be completed due to changes.

After last round of checking and approval from our client, the page went live. 


Through utilising larger size images and improving the layout of content, users were able to visually scan through the site with ease and speed. With the added feature of improved browsing tools, users were engaged and spent more time on the website. 

During Fashion Show Week, we were able to look at  google analytics data to measure performances on the pages.


  • Bounce rate drop by 16% 
  • Users time spend on page increases by 56s

Top 5 articles 

  • Bounce rate drop by 12%
  • Users time spend on pages increase by 10s

Top 5 live articles 

  • Bounce rate drop by 26%
  • Users time spend on pages increase by 125s

Through increased user engagement, the company also saw increase in sales.